Legends of Zuunto

Chapter 3 - Of Men and Mer

Trapped in a dark cave, chased by giant spiders, surrounded by frightened Zubats, Jaylynn and Rufus discover something long lost and forgotten…

Chapter Two - Flushed
Sewers aren't exactly the best picnic spot.

Forced into the sewers beneath Poketopia City, Rufus and Jaylynn have nowhere to go…


Rufus and Jaylynn walk into the darkness, only able to see by the Rufus’ lighter. They see pinkish-purple blobs of slime in the sewer water. Rufus calls it acid, Jaylynn doesn’t believe him. Jaylynn hangs the Caterpie on her finger over the water and touches the slime with the Caterpie’s tail. Nothing happens. They come across a room to their right and enter it. Rufus finds a pipe and wedges it against the door. Jaylynn drops the Caterpie onto the ground. It starts crawling up her leg. She notices the tip of its tail has disappeared and the slime has slid slightly up its body. She takes out a pokeball and captures it. Rufus decides to go to sleep to heal up, Jaylynn trains with her Pancham for a couple hours before going to sleep. They wake up 7 hours later and walk outside the small room. They see two sets of footprints on the ground walking in the same direction they were originally heading. Rufus and Jaylynn decide to turn back the way they came. When they reach the point they entered the sewer, they see the cover is still removed and light is shining down. Jaylynn wades through the sewer water to get to the other side and not be seen by anyone aboveground. Rufus runs and dodges under the light to the other side. Jaylynn makes a sound accidentally, and they hear voices from above. They both start sprinting. They hear three people running behind them. They start to hear water roaring ahead, and come to a stop at a waterfall where all the sewers tunnels connect and empty into a 100ft deep hole with a 50ft diameter. Rufus looks back to see two police officers running toward him, and one of the bald headed children they had seen at General Steel’s side. Rufus leaps off the edge, spinning around as he does so and flipping the the officers off with both arms extended at them. Jaylynn looks for something to climb down, and sees old rusty ladder rungs embedded into the wall where she stands. She climbs down a few rungs, then one breaks off and she falls down. The police officers and the bald child reach the edge of the tunnel. A third officer runs up behind them, points at Rufus, and shouts, “Hey, he’s the one who stole my sword!” As Rufus and Jaylynn continue falling, Rufus still flipping them off, they suddenly freeze in mid-air. They see the bald child staring intently at them, one arm outstretched in their direction. The boy lifts his arm up, and Rufus and Jaylynn begin to rise. As they rise, they notice some pink slime starting to build up at the edge of the sewer-fall. The police officers and bald child do not notice it. Rufus releases Phantump from his pokeball and tells Phantump to push him back down. Phantump tries, but to no avail. The pink slime continues building up, multiple lumps rising from it. Arm-like appendages grow from each rising lump, and eyes appear from within the slime. A slit in the goop opens up on each lump like a mouth. The newly formed Grimers attack the police officers and the child. The child loses focus on Rufus and Jaylynn, who plummet back down the sewer fall. He turns toward the grimer, raising his hands. The Grimers launch themselves at their prey, but slam into an invisible barrier in front of the child. The police officers shout and draw their swords. The child is visibly straining to keep the barrier up.

Rufus and Jaylynn SPLASH! into the brown sewer water below. They see pink globs of slime in the water moving toward them. Rufus and jaylynn swim toward a sewer grate and squeeze through the bars, swimming as fast as they can away from the Grimer slime and the police officers above.

They enter into ancient cavern that looks like it used to be a thriving underground city, but is now in desolation and ruin. They climb out of the water onto one side of the abandoned city into what seems like it used to be the marketplace.Crumbling archways and buildings surround them, and Jaylynn sees what looks like a shattered painting on the ground to the left. Rufus and Phantump walk toward a crumbled archway and see a passage that leads into the wall behind it.

Jaylynn, studying the tattered, dusty painting on the ground sees that the painting is of the place they stand in now, when it was thriving. The sewer river they had swam in to get here looked like a clean, glistening waterway. Noticing that Rufus was walking into the dark tunnel, Jaylynn ran to catch up with him. Beforing entering the tunnel, she studied the outside of it, and discerned that it looked like it might have once been a secret passageway.

Upon entering the tunnel, their Pokedexes beep. They both look at the message, again from anonymous, telling them to get out of the sewers, not go exploring deeper in. Ignoring the message, Rufus pulls out his lighter and they walk down the narrow corridor. From behind them, they hear slurping, gooey sounds. They look back to see a small Grimer following them, about ten feet away.

Jaylynn releases Pancham, who tackles the Grimer. She then releases Caterpie, but only its heaed is left, the rest of its body consumed and eaten away by the pink slime. The slime squirms over to the Grimer and combines with its body. The Grimer releases a cloud of toxic gas, poisoning Pancham. The Grimer, injured by Pancham’s brave attack, is angered at the intruders. It moves forward to retaliate, but Rufus draws his sword and slashes it through the Grimer, collapsing it. Pancham hacks, and they continue down the passageway.

The passage opens up into a small cave, sloping downwards. Glowing mushrooms lining the cave walls provide a small source of light. Jaylynn walks ahead with Pancham at her side, Rufus trailing cautiously behind. They notice sleeping Zubats covering the cave ceiling, but quietly continue ahead, until they hear hissing.

Four yellow spiders drop from the cave ceiling, blocking the path. Jaylynn and Pancham charge at the nearest, pummeling it and pushing past. Rufus and Phantump follow, the four of them sprinting past the Spinaraks as they trail closely behind, hissing and spitting at the humans. Rufus’ lighter starts to go dim, the darkness surrounding them as they are forced deeper into the cave….

Chapter 1.5 - Black Haven
Deep below Poketopia City...

Deep below Poketopia CIty, in an underground cavern…



Resides a city of Dark Elves called Black Haven. These elves used to live aboveground in the open, as did all elves, but went into hiding after colonists arrived to Zuunto about a hundred years ago. The human colonists attacked the elves indiscriminately, driving them into hiding. Now, one Dark Elf, Nifiken, has studied Dragons and their ancient kind from the scrolls kept in Black Haven's church. He stole one of the scrolls with writings of a mighty dragon imprisoned in the Lava Pit, a forbidden place deep in the caverns connected by underground cave networks.

Another Dark Elf, Illywyn, who thought she was abandoned at birth, watched the city of Black Haven from one of her many ledges on the outskirts of Black Haven. She had grown up in the Lava Pit, befriending a Torkoal and finding a magic sword that can transform into a quill. She has never directly interacted with anyone before. As she watched Black Haven this day, she saw an Dark Elf approaching her ledge.

Nifiken and his Cubone climbed up the ledge Illywyn was perched on. Illywyn retreated into the shadows of the tunnel behind her and tried to hide against the wall of the tunnel. Nifiken immediately saw her hiding and drew his bow, aiming it at her. They skirmished for a few minutes, Illywyn knocked to the ground with Nifiken's bow aimed at her.

The cave started rumbling, pebbles and rocks falling from the ceiling. They ran back toward Black Haven, and saw the entire cavern Black Haven was in starting to rumble as rocks and boulders fell from the roof and one crushed the town’s church.

They decided to go deeper into the cavern toward the Lava Pit, Nifiken's intended destination to locate the ancient Dragon, to escape the collapsing cavern. As they go deeper into the caves, Nifiken's Dragon scroll begins glowing red and heating up slightly. He also occasionally heard a hoarse, scratchy voice in his head, whispering "Come to me…"  After many puzzles and shifting caverns, they entered a room filled with glowing mushrooms. Three Zubats screeched down the tunnel and attacked Illywyn and Nifiken. Nifiken fired two arrows from his bow, impaling one Zubat twice through the chest, instantly killing it. Illywyn palm-striked a second a Zubat, crushing its skull. Cubone smashed the third into the ground with its bone.

After Illywyn skins the Zubats and places their corpses in her cloak, they hear footsteps from ahead. Illywyn, Nifiken, and Cubone hid ein the shadows in the tunnel. The Dark Elf Elder from Black Haven walks into view, and Nifiken stepped out, recognizing him. The Elder appeared to be severely injured. 

The Elder informs Rufus that while the cavern was collapsing, he found himself lost in passageways and tunnels that he had never seen before. Illywyn decides to reveal herself and steps out from the shadows. The Elder asks Nifiken and Illywyn to help him return to Black Haven. They agree to take him back once they reach the Lava Pit. The three elves traverse through the tunnels until they enter a room with three holes in the ground, leading to other rooms. Nifiken climbed down the left most hole into a small carved out room with a tiny, thin stream of water flowing down from what a hole in the wall. Metal bars covered the hole. The Dark Elves, having been underground for the past hundred years, don't have technology to make metal bars such as these. Peering through the metal bars, Nifiken discerns that the trickle of water is coming from some type of sewer. He is unable to brake the metal bars with his bow and arrow, so he climbs back up the hole with Illywyn's assitance. The rightmost hole has a pile of mangled Zubat carcasses directly below it, so they climb down the middle hole, leading into a pitch black corridor. As the three walk through the corridor, they hear skittering and scratching.

Illywyn notices tiny pieces of bone fragments littered on the ground. The three stride farther into the darkness until they reach a metal door. Illywyn recognizes the door as the entrance to a small room located next to the Lava Pit where Illywyn spends most of her time, as lava can be fairly hot. Before they can enter Illywyn's room, a small dark creature appears in front of it with gems for eyes and sharp claws. The Sableye grins and cackles, then leaps toward Nifiken. Illywyn, Cubone, and Nifiken proceed to battle the Sableye, protecting the Elder, until it retreats and phases through door into Illywyn's room. The group follows it inside, and Cubone smashes it with his bone. The Sableye hissed and phased through another door leading to the Lava Pit. 

With the immediate threat of the Sableye gone, Nifiken gets a chance to look around the room. It's filled with advanced technology, computers, medical beds, and other various assortments that Nifiken nor the Elder have ever seen, and that Illywyn doesn't really know much about. Nifiken and the Elder, injured from the battle with the Sableye, decide to rest for a few hours while Illywyn keeps watch. When they awake, Nifiken notices a postcard of a beach on a stand near Illywyn. He recognizes the postcard, it being something that his little sister loved before she was kidnapped. He takes out a necklace with green gems he always carries with him that belonged to his sister. Illywyn vaguely recognizes the necklace. Nifiken realizes that this is his sister, but before they have time to capitalize on this realization, the Sableye phases through the door, climbing up the wall, hissing at them. Nifiken draws his bow, and Illywyn her sword. The Sableye leaps onto the Elder's head and plunges its claws into his eyes, ripping them out before Illywyn and Nifiken can react. Cubone charges toward the Sableye, who dodges away. Nifiken uses the dragon technique he learned from studying to swipe through the Sableye. It screeches in pain and turns invisible. As the Elder clutches his bleedig eye sockets, the Sableye reappears behind him and stabs a claw through the Elder's neck. Using this to their advantage, Illywyn, Nifiken, and Cubone attack the Sableye, who runs away and phases out of the room again.

The trio follow the Sableye outside into the Lava Pit cavern, where the Sableye is waiting. Nifiken charges it. The scroll he has in his possession is brighter and hotter than it ever has been, now that it's so close to the ancient Dragon. Nifiken channels the Dragon's power through him, and a translucent glowing dragon's tail grew from behind him. He swung his tail at the Sableye, knocking it back into the Lava Pit, where it disintegrates. Illywyn and Cubone join Nifiken at the edge of the Lava Pit. Illywyn's Torkoal approaches, happy to see Illywyn returned safely. Nifiken, however, hears the voice in his head much louder. It whispers to him, telling him to step in the lava, take the final step, trust me, come to me. Illywyn looks worriedly at him, and asks what's wrong. Nifiken, torn between the voice and his sister, steps out over the lava. Illywyn tries to grab him, but they both fall in. Cubone and Torkoal watch in shock as their partners sink below the lava. Illywyn's body disintegrates in the lava, but Nifiken's body remained intact. The voice spoke again, "Serve me, and gain all the great power you seek, or you will die in this lava." After hesitating, Nifiken accepts, and his body rises from the lava with glowing draconic energy encompassing his body, and two translucent dragon wings extending from either side of him. A giant Hydreigon rises behind Nifiken and fades away. Nifiken steps back onto the ground, and Illywyn's body begins to reform from the lava back on the ground. 

The energy fades away from Nifiken, and he and Illywyn officially reunite. Illywyn asks where the ancient dragon is. Nifiken hears the voice again, "I am within you." They realize the Hydreigon, now using Nifiken as a vessel, had resurrected Illywyn from the lava, and had also been the one who kidnapped Illywyn as a child and brought her to the Lava Pit. 

Nifiken and Illywyn return to Black Haven, and the Hydreigon inside Nifiken tells him that the cavern had collapsed because of an explosion caused by the humans aboveground. Nifiken and Illywyn decide to rally the Dark Elf people, and finally return to the surface to confront the humans, hoping to make peace, but prepared for war. Nifiken and Illywyn lead the people to the sewer entrance that they had discovered earlier, ready to return to the world above.

A Prologue...

For 15 years, the Zuunto region has lived in relative peace. All that changes on this day.


Rufus, a 17 year old street-smart thief, and Jaylynn, a 17 year old country girl now in the Big City, have witnessed the first terrorist attack in fifteen years. The Professor's Lab in Poketopia City exploded, killing and injuring dozens of people during the 15 year anniversary of the end of the Civil War as the parade going through Poketopia City passed by, led by General Steel and two bald teenagers in gray jumpsuits on either side of him.

Chapter One - Wanted
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down

Previously on LoZ… Today is the 15th Anniversary of the end of the Civil War. Today is the day of the first act of terrorism to occur in Poketopia City in 15 years.


Today is the day the Professor’s lab exploded.

Jaylynn stood on the roof the towering Shopping Center in the middle of Poketopia City. A few streets over, a ball of fire enveloped the Professor's Lab, debris flying out in all directions. She heard the faint screams echoing. Anyone who was in the building during the explosion would surely have been incinerated, nothing but ashes now. The parade marching down the street past the Lab, however, was a whole other situation. Bodies scattered the streets, some impaled or bashed by debris and bleeding out. Others burned until their vocal cords were so burnt not a sound could escape, and soon their life escaped the burning torment.

As Jaylynn watched in horror, Pancham, her Pokemon, hugged her leg tightly, looking up at her with wide eyes. Sirens added to the chaos, snapping Jaylynn out of her daze. She returned Pancham to her pokeball, and ran back to the fire escape at the side of the building she had used to climb to the roof. She climbed down the fire escape as fast as she could, not caring how much noise she made. At the bottom, she jumped the remaining few feet onto the ground in the alley.

Rufus ran into the alleyway, away from the heat and the screams and the sirens seeming to come from all directions. He heard clanging above him, and a girl with blue-tinted skin, the same one he saw earlier that day, drop from the fire escape. He drew his stolen knife and waved it in her direction.

Jaylynn, being more athletic, shoved Rufus against wall, pinning him. Before he could react, they heard static emanating from their pokedexes, and saw all the electronic billboards in the city displaying static. A deep, static-y voice spoke from their pokedexes, as well es every other Pokedex and billboard across the City.

“Citizens of Poketopia, you have lived in peace for the last 15 years, benefiting from stolen technology, while thousands of people all across Zuunto starve, suffer, and die every year. What do you do about it? Absolutely nothing. You’ve lived in peace inside your walls and never spared a thought for the needy and desperate outside your moat. But now, all that changes. Now, a new age has begun. Pray to your gods if you want, pray to Arceus, and Mew, and the Swords of Justice, and what will they do? They will do nothing to help you, as they never have. Prepare yourselves, for an age of Renewal has begun.”

The static cuts off. Jaylynn and Rufus, confused, see their faces suddenly displayed on the electronic billboards and on their Pokedex screens with a headline that reads TERRORISTS WANTED FOR THE POKETOPIA CITY BOMBING.

Jaylynn releases Rufus and turns to walk down the alley. Rufus peeks inside the dumpster, unable to curve his new addiction despite being accused as terrorists. Inside is a dirty Caterpie squirming among the trash. Rufus slams the lid shut and puts a single piece of duct tape to seal the Caterpie inside for all of eternity. Jaylynn sees him doing this and, appalled at his inconsideration for the little Caterpie, rips the tape off and reaches into the dumpster to rescue the Caterpie. It bites her finger, and she lifts it out. They hear police sirens coming in their direction, and they both start running down the alley. 

Once they reach the end of the alley, Rufus and Jaylynn try to hide so they aren't noticed by the police running down the street. Jaylynn, however, is spotted by a young officer. He runs toward Jaylynn as she retreats back into the alley. The officer steps into the alley, his sword drawn, and tells her to freeze in the name of the law. Rufus, still unnoticed in the shadows, trips the officer. As he falls over, he quickly grabs a pokeball and chucks it at Jaylynn, releasing a Growlithe. The officer twists as he falls and lands on his back, pointing his sword up at Rufus. The Growlithe leaps at Jaylynn, and instead of using the Caterpie as a distraction, she takes the attack, the fire dog's claws raking down her chest.

Rufus sweeps his leg out, knocking the police officer's sword out from his hands and flipping it into the air air. Rufus catches the sword's grip as it flips in the air and kicks the officer's face, knocking him unconscious. 

Jaylynn sprints toward the Growlithe in front of her, and it leaps into the air, claws outstretched. She ducks beneath it and runs past the dog as it soars over her, its claws raking through air.

Jaylynn and Rufus run out of the alley and toward a manhole cover in the midst of the street. Jaylynn pulls the manhole cover off and pushes it to the side. She jumps into the Poketopia City Sewers, and into the darkness. Rufus looks down into the hole, seeing a barely illuminated Jaylynn. He glances behind him and sees the Growlithe charging directly at him. He looks back into the sewers and jumps in. Rufus and Jaylynn look up and see one of the bald-headed children that had been accompanying General Steel during the parade looking down at them. Rufus and And Jaylynn move out for the small ring of light darkness all around them. Before moving into the dark with only light from Rufus’ lighter, they see one of the bald-headed children looking down at them. Rufus and Jaylynn step into the darkness, with only a small lighter to light their path and a Caterpie still biting Jaylynn's finger.


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