Legends of Zuunto

Chapter Two - Flushed

Sewers aren't exactly the best picnic spot.

Forced into the sewers beneath Poketopia City, Rufus and Jaylynn have nowhere to go…


Rufus and Jaylynn walk into the darkness, only able to see by the Rufus’ lighter. They see pinkish-purple blobs of slime in the sewer water. Rufus calls it acid, Jaylynn doesn’t believe him. Jaylynn hangs the Caterpie on her finger over the water and touches the slime with the Caterpie’s tail. Nothing happens. They come across a room to their right and enter it. Rufus finds a pipe and wedges it against the door. Jaylynn drops the Caterpie onto the ground. It starts crawling up her leg. She notices the tip of its tail has disappeared and the slime has slid slightly up its body. She takes out a pokeball and captures it. Rufus decides to go to sleep to heal up, Jaylynn trains with her Pancham for a couple hours before going to sleep. They wake up 7 hours later and walk outside the small room. They see two sets of footprints on the ground walking in the same direction they were originally heading. Rufus and Jaylynn decide to turn back the way they came. When they reach the point they entered the sewer, they see the cover is still removed and light is shining down. Jaylynn wades through the sewer water to get to the other side and not be seen by anyone aboveground. Rufus runs and dodges under the light to the other side. Jaylynn makes a sound accidentally, and they hear voices from above. They both start sprinting. They hear three people running behind them. They start to hear water roaring ahead, and come to a stop at a waterfall where all the sewers tunnels connect and empty into a 100ft deep hole with a 50ft diameter. Rufus looks back to see two police officers running toward him, and one of the bald headed children they had seen at General Steel’s side. Rufus leaps off the edge, spinning around as he does so and flipping the the officers off with both arms extended at them. Jaylynn looks for something to climb down, and sees old rusty ladder rungs embedded into the wall where she stands. She climbs down a few rungs, then one breaks off and she falls down. The police officers and the bald child reach the edge of the tunnel. A third officer runs up behind them, points at Rufus, and shouts, “Hey, he’s the one who stole my sword!” As Rufus and Jaylynn continue falling, Rufus still flipping them off, they suddenly freeze in mid-air. They see the bald child staring intently at them, one arm outstretched in their direction. The boy lifts his arm up, and Rufus and Jaylynn begin to rise. As they rise, they notice some pink slime starting to build up at the edge of the sewer-fall. The police officers and bald child do not notice it. Rufus releases Phantump from his pokeball and tells Phantump to push him back down. Phantump tries, but to no avail. The pink slime continues building up, multiple lumps rising from it. Arm-like appendages grow from each rising lump, and eyes appear from within the slime. A slit in the goop opens up on each lump like a mouth. The newly formed Grimers attack the police officers and the child. The child loses focus on Rufus and Jaylynn, who plummet back down the sewer fall. He turns toward the grimer, raising his hands. The Grimers launch themselves at their prey, but slam into an invisible barrier in front of the child. The police officers shout and draw their swords. The child is visibly straining to keep the barrier up.

Rufus and Jaylynn SPLASH! into the brown sewer water below. They see pink globs of slime in the water moving toward them. Rufus and jaylynn swim toward a sewer grate and squeeze through the bars, swimming as fast as they can away from the Grimer slime and the police officers above.

They enter into ancient cavern that looks like it used to be a thriving underground city, but is now in desolation and ruin. They climb out of the water onto one side of the abandoned city into what seems like it used to be the marketplace.Crumbling archways and buildings surround them, and Jaylynn sees what looks like a shattered painting on the ground to the left. Rufus and Phantump walk toward a crumbled archway and see a passage that leads into the wall behind it.

Jaylynn, studying the tattered, dusty painting on the ground sees that the painting is of the place they stand in now, when it was thriving. The sewer river they had swam in to get here looked like a clean, glistening waterway. Noticing that Rufus was walking into the dark tunnel, Jaylynn ran to catch up with him. Beforing entering the tunnel, she studied the outside of it, and discerned that it looked like it might have once been a secret passageway.

Upon entering the tunnel, their Pokedexes beep. They both look at the message, again from anonymous, telling them to get out of the sewers, not go exploring deeper in. Ignoring the message, Rufus pulls out his lighter and they walk down the narrow corridor. From behind them, they hear slurping, gooey sounds. They look back to see a small Grimer following them, about ten feet away.

Jaylynn releases Pancham, who tackles the Grimer. She then releases Caterpie, but only its heaed is left, the rest of its body consumed and eaten away by the pink slime. The slime squirms over to the Grimer and combines with its body. The Grimer releases a cloud of toxic gas, poisoning Pancham. The Grimer, injured by Pancham’s brave attack, is angered at the intruders. It moves forward to retaliate, but Rufus draws his sword and slashes it through the Grimer, collapsing it. Pancham hacks, and they continue down the passageway.

The passage opens up into a small cave, sloping downwards. Glowing mushrooms lining the cave walls provide a small source of light. Jaylynn walks ahead with Pancham at her side, Rufus trailing cautiously behind. They notice sleeping Zubats covering the cave ceiling, but quietly continue ahead, until they hear hissing.

Four yellow spiders drop from the cave ceiling, blocking the path. Jaylynn and Pancham charge at the nearest, pummeling it and pushing past. Rufus and Phantump follow, the four of them sprinting past the Spinaraks as they trail closely behind, hissing and spitting at the humans. Rufus’ lighter starts to go dim, the darkness surrounding them as they are forced deeper into the cave….


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