History of Zuunto

Hundreds of years ago- Native tribes lived scattered around the Zuunto region before the land was colonized by other civilizations from Kanto, Unova, Sinnoh, Johto, etc. Each region claimed different land masses and set up colonies. Wanting to expand their territory, eventually colonies met with each other and waged war against one another. Sinnoh’s colonies were most victorious, and mostly drove out the other settlers, although few still remain in certain areas. Nevertheless, culture, ideologies, politics, religion, and pokemon from all different regions had been brought to Zuunto. Sinnoh’s religion was most prevalent, worshipping the god Arceus, thought to be the creator of the world, though most religious ideas and practices have been abandoned in modern society.

After claiming most of the land in the Zuunto region, the Sinnoh colonists broke away from the government of Sinnoh and established the Zuunto Republic, becoming its own independent nation. Within the next few decades, the Zuunto Republic was able to buy the remaining lands still owned by other regions and consolidate the land mass.

15 years ago, Zuunto was plunged into a civil war. A terrorist organization calling themselves the Redfang rose up with the goal of toppling the Zuunto Republic. Besides their name and apparent goal, not much is known about the Redfang or how they originated. Many lives were lost in the war, and many children were orphaned.

After the war, the island south of the region separated itself from Zuunto, becoming self-governing. Over the span of the next 15 years after the Civil War, Zuunto has had many advancements in technology. Swords, bows and arrows, crossbows, spears, etc are still in use, as the need for advanced weaponry has never arose, due to the utilization of Pokemon for fighting in wars. Four years ago, the first space probe was launched. A neighboring planet, dubbed “Beta Prime,” was discovered. Three years ago, the first crewed ship was sent to Beta Prime to set up a small colony base. Since then, three more flights have taken colonists from Zuunto and other regions across the world to colonize Beta Prime. In three months, the fourth flight to Beta Prime will take new and eager passengers to the new world.

History of Zuunto

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